This Register of Deed's office is responsible for all the real estate records for properties located in Dodge County Nebraska. Permanent records of deeds, mortgages and other various real estate records are recorded/filed in this office and available on-line.

The yellow box to the left ( Parcel ID Cards ) provides an address, picture, and a very brief legal description that you will need to look up information. Under 'sales history' it may also provide the document number of the last deed.

On Line Data provides an index and document images since the early 1800's. Print out the instructions in the green box if you are having problems.

Click on the yellow box (On Line Data) to the right of Carol's picture, and put in user word (free) and password. Email us if you are not signed up with a password and we will provide a temporary one until you are signed up.

If you are retrieving an older copy that does not appear, email us the book and page and type of document and we will email the image to you. Feel free to email us with your questions or phone number if you need our assistance..

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Carol Givens

Register of Deeds
Dodge County. NE

Dodge County Register of Deeds
Fremont, Nebraska

435 North Park Room 201
Fremont, NE 68025

Call 402-727-2736



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